Work It Out Ministries
Work It Out Ministries

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Work It Out Ministries is a three fold ministry.  We believe that the mind, body, and spirit were created to function in unison and harmony for the glory of YeHoVaH.  Work It Out Ministries also includes 

  • Work It Out Ministries:  our goal is the encourage people in their faith walk and to bring the truth of Torah and YeHoVaH into the lives of those around us.  
  • Work It Out Counseling which provides counseling from a Christ centered perspective for individuals, couples, and families.  Please visit Work It Out Counseling for more information.  
  • Work It Out Training where John will instruct his clients to become as physically fit as they desire.  We believe the Word of YeHoVaH in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 when Paul wrote that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we therefore are to honor YeHoVaH with our bodies.  We need to keep them in tip top shape so we are ready to anything He calls upon us to do.  Moreover when we are in good physical condition it promotes a healthy mental condition.  Everything working together to YeHoVaH's Glory.