Work It Out Ministries

John & Chantel Cothron

Real People, Real Problems, Real Mistakes, True Redemption

John and Chantel met by "accident" .  John was raised in Florida and Chantel in Texas.  They came from completely different religious backgrounds and different ideas of where their path's were leading.  John was serving our country in the United States Army and Chantel was a single mother working her way through school.  Life, bad decisions, and random circumstances found them dancing at Chantel's sister's wedding.  The promise of a date which Chantel didn't keep (She has her reasons but if we are honest she was scared).  Finally the date to end all future dates and a year later two families became one.  They settled into a new family with all the bumps and detours we expect from a young couple on the same path but going different directions.  Love, work, a couple of kids then a few more kids then silence.  This marriage has weathered 21 years thus far.  It has been difficult at times and bliss at other times.  It is in the hardness of life where we found our way back to each other where we learned how to be the Spiritual Leader and Head of Household and Helpmate to each other.  It is in the darkest times where YaHoVaH's light pierced our darkness and from the ashes of self destruction a beautiful love story grew and with that story a desire to lead others out of the darkness and into the full light of living in Torah and being the best person we can be for each other.  We believe that YaHoVaH is still in the business of restoration and think it is His speciality.  We believe that once He has taken our brokenness and healed we are to be that light in a dark world and lead others out and to Him.  We believe He is found in the Torah.